Our job market activities during the current measures against the coronavirus
The Netherlands, and therefore Inreda Diabetic, is currently experiencing the serious consequences of the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Many people work from their homes. And meanwhile our business goes on. Maybe you have already responded to one of our vacancies or you are planning to do so? We welcome that and we would like to go through the application process with you. It is just that business is not entirely as usual these days and we have to deal with the situation in a different way than you normally may expect from us. With this notification, Inreda intends to inform you as good as possible about your contact with our organization.
Job interviews
We are not doing any job interviews until the end of the corona sanctions. We will plan new job interviews after this period. In case you are selected, we will contact you. If we do wish to invite you for an interview during this period, we will look for a convenient solution such as online calling. Most important is that you are feeling good about that solution.

At this time there are no vacancies.