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photo of Artificial pancreas from Inreda Diabetic used for clinical trials and CE marking

April 7, 2017 – The Dutch Diabetes Foundation (Diabetes Fonds) published an article explaining what the different artificial pancreas systems stand for and how far they currently are.

Check the full article here (only in Dutch):

“A more elaborate Artificial Pancreas system manages the delivery of insulin as well as of glucagon: a so-called “bi-hormonal closed loop”. […] A big difference with the other types of artificial pancreas is that such system reacts to the conditions of your body. So no need anymore to enter beforehand how much you are going to eat or sport.

The Dutch company Inreda Diabetic is one of the few working on this sort of artificial pancreas, and they reach beautiful results. Tests done with test participants show that the device is able to handle the management of their diabetes.”


“People don’t need to enter data in the device, and can simply sport, work, eat, go out: simply do everything they want.”


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