A sneak peek inside Inreda

March 27, 2018 – Loes Heijmans-Beek visited us in order to know more about the artificial pancreas (AP) we’re developing.

Loes Heijmans-Beek from Diabetes TV (YouTube channel ‘Diabetes Nieuws’, in collaboration with the dutch Diabetes Foundation and diabetestype1.nl) is this month busy with a tour of the last technical developments for diabetes care. For episode #7, she visited us in order to hear more about our artificial pancreas. Robin Koops, founder of Inreda Diabetic, tells her and the followers of Diabetes TV the story behind our artificial pancreas and what we are currently busy with…

Like you maybe already know, at the moment we are busy with testing and completing all documentation needed to get CE certification. In the video, Robin shows for example a couple of tests that our artificial pancreas has to endure in order to get CE-approved (from receiving electrostatic shocks to coping with the tough hug of a falling metal ball).

All test setups that Robin shows are used by us in order to gain insights on how our devices will behave during the required tests. Next to these tests, the devices are also tested on accuracy, precision and usability. Eventually, for the CE certification, an external and independant testhouse shall perform most of these tests again, under controlled conditions.

Our goal is to make the artificial pancreas available to anyone who need it. The CE certification will first be applied for adults with type 1 diabetes. In parallel we are also busy developing and testing a version of our device suitable for children, but this one will only be certified after the CE is received for adults.

We are aware that most of you who are reading our website are eager to hear more about our developments and progress. To be honest, we are at the moment so dedicated in getting the CE certification that we sometimes miss the time to keep everyone inform. Therefore we would like to thank Loes and the Diabetes Foundation for paying us a visit and making this video!

For more news on diabetes type 1, visit diabetestype1.nl (in dutch).

And if you enjoyed this episode from Loes, go and check the YouTube channel Diabetes Nieuws.


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